Kate Hudson reveals Goldie Hawn’s wacky labour advice

Mum-of-two Kate says her mum Goldie turned her labour into a Woody Allen film


Having your mum in the labour room with you sounds rather comforting doesn’t it? They’ve been there, they know the deal, and can calmly talk you through it.


But for Kate Hudson, having mum Goldie Hawn along for the birth of son Bingham made her feel like she’d wandered into a Woody Allen film.

Kate told US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, “She brings a magnolia flower. And she sort of starts to do these visualisations with me. And she’s going, ‘Imagine your va-jay-jay as a large magnolia flower blossoming.”

Kate added, “My mum’s going to the doctor, ‘That’s not normal. Is that normal?’ It really was a Woody Allen film.” 

Luckily, Kate’s got her eye on fellow celeb mum Gwyneth Paltrow for more general mum-to-mum advice. Kate told Harper’s Bazaar magazine, “Gwyneth’s been my go-to about where to get things done – grocery shopping, a good mani-pedi, you know, all that. I look up to Gwyneth and how she has been in her life. She’s the real deal.”

On her two pregnancies, Kate said her youngest, 15-month-old Bingham, was the toughest. “Bing was a more difficult pregnancy than Ryder. With Bing I was really nauseous. He also moved around so much that I felt like I was in Aliens. He was just rockin’ out.

Kate, who’s engaged to Matt Belamy and has an 8-year-old son Ryder from a previous relationship, revealed she had to keep Matt from trying to film the birth. She said, “I was like, ‘Don’t go anywhere near the area’. And I see him start to creep. I’m like, ‘No, no, get back!”

Luckily for Matt, Kate said Goldie turned up with pizza and Doritos, so he was set. If only he had filmed that birth, eh?!


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