Ouch! Katie Piper’s baby bump stung by a jellyfish

And the star revealed what the sting looked like on Instagram...


Ouch ?


Safe to say that yesterday wasn’t really pregnant TV star Katie Piper’s favourite day.

The 33-year-old presenter, and soon-to-be mum of 2, revealed that during her latest beach getaway, she’d been stung by a jellyfish.

Not once, not twice, but 3 times. And one of them was on the bump itself ???

She wrote on Instagram: “So today wasn’t my best day…..stung by a jelly fish in 3 places, one area was my baby bump!‬ ? ?”

In a candid snapshot of her sting, we see her 6-month pregnancy tum looking rather red and sore, but covered in white, (hopefully) soothing cream.

We can only assume, given no real info, that perhaps Katie was enjoying a swim in the sea when she was stung.

And generally speaking, it looks like she’s done the right thing to clear-up the redness and soreness of the sting: a tiny bit of shaving foam and some warm water.

“As hot as you can stand” James Robson, the Sea Life Centre London’s senior curator and resident jellyfish expert, explains to MFM. “What this does is essentially denatures the toxins [of the sting] and dissolves away the mechanism. It’s the safest, controlled way of getting rid of it.”

You definitely, definitely DON’T want to use vinegar or even urinate on it, James adds.

“The theory is that [urine is] acidic and the acidity dissolves the part [of the sting] that’s doing the injecting of the venom, but this can backfire and you can end up triggering more.”

Luckily, it would seem that your typical sting from a jellyfish somewhere in the UK (we don’t know where Katie was stung) isn’t likely to harm baby through the bump…

“It would not be more dangerous than being stung elsewhere,” James notes. “The sore and itching pain you feel from the sting is local damage to your skin tissue and does not penetrate any deeper than that.”

And even luckier still, it seems Katie’s little one, 3-year-old Belle, and her husband Richard Sutton, weren’t hurt ?

Still, an unnerving and rather freaky thing to happen while you’re expecting, right?

Images: Instagram/Katie Piper

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