While most celebrities opt for a traditional female nanny to look after their children, it seems that actress Keeley Hawes has followed Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow and has bagged herself a ‘Manny’.

The Ashes to Ashes actress has revealed the reason why she chose her male nanny, Adam Soane, instead of a woman to look after her three children, Myles, 10, Maggie, 5, and Ralph, 3.

“We call him our ‘manny’. I interviewed lots of nice ladies for the job but Adam was The One. We all love him,” Keeley told Surrey Life magazine.

“All the nannies came with huge books full of glittery pictures that children made for them, which I found a bit creepy,” the 34-year-old actress explained. “Adam came with a book full of police checks. I like that. From that moment, I couldn’t imagine my kids being in the hands of anyone else.”

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