Kelly Brook – no baby for five years?

Model Kelly says she won’t rush into pregnancy following her miscarriage earlier this year


Kelly Brook has revealed that getting married and having babies is part of her five-year plan. However, the 32-year-old also admitted she and boyfriend Thom Evans have no plans to start a family just yet after having a devastating miscarriage last year.


“I think the dream is to eventually get married and have babies-that’s my five-year plan. I don’t see that happening imminently and I’m not putting any pressure to try again in 2012,” Kelly said, reports the Metro.

Kelly said she needed a break to recover after losing her baby at just under 5 months of pregnancy in May.

 “I think it’s good to give your body a break. I think it’s important to get back into that space before you start planning a family again-I needed some time to process everything,” Kelly explained.

In fact, recent research encourages women who have a miscarriage to try again as soon as they want to, contradicting previous recommendations to wait 6 months. 

Kelly, who had an unexpected pregnancy before her miscarriage, also revealed that this time round she intends to have a planned pregnancy. Former rugby international star Thom, 26, had only been going out with Kelly for about three months when she discovered she was pregnant.

“In my relationship, it’s pretty obvious that getting pregnant can happen pretty quickly,” Kelly told OK magazine.

“There’s the right chemistry there obviously so I think we need to be a bit careful and plan it a bit better next time!” Kelly added.

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