A mum in Kenya has spoken out after her sixth set of twins sparked rumours she is cursed, reports the BBC.


Gladys Bulinya welcomed her sixth set of twin babies last year, and now lives alone near Lake Victoria after her husband left her for being jinxed.

After falling pregnant in high school, Gladys welcomed her first set of twins, John and James, in 1993, and was told by her parents to leave them at the hospital for adoption. Twins in the family’s culture mean bad luck, and they believe unless one twin dies, both parents face certain death.

Gladys’ boyfriend’s dad took the babies in, and has cared for them ever since, but Gladys has gone on to welcome five more sets of twins, and her family now refuses to see her, branding her as cursed.

Recalling the day she was asked to recongnise John and James from a crowd of people, Gladys said she couldn’t do it, and has never forgiven herself.

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“I was asked twice to pick my sons from among the crowd of 30 boys,” said Gladys. “In both cases I picked the wrong children and my heart still bleeds each time I think of that day.”

The family is now ostracised in their village of Nzoia, with Gladys working odd jobs to feed herself the youngest five sets of twins.

Gladys’ twin timeline:

1993: John and James born

1999: Duncan and Dennis born

2003: Mercy and Faith born

2005: Carren and Ivy born

2007: Purpose and Swin born


2010: Baraka and Prince born