Kids refuse to be seen with their embarrassing parents

One in three children refuses to be seen in public with their parents, as they’re too embarrassing, a new study says


A new survey has found that 7 out of 10 children aged 6 to 15 feel humiliated by their parents. Common complaints included parents kissing their kids in front of their friends, holding their hands in public places, and the worst offender, washing their faces with their thumb.


“Parents will always embarrass their children through absolutely no fault of their own,” says a spokeswoman for, who conducted the survey.

“You could be the most respectable, up standing member of society but your kids will still see you as the biggest humiliation.

“It’s important for parents not to take offence though – in years to come, those teenagers’ will probably be immensely proud of their mothers and fathers and the way they were brought up.”

The survey of 1500 kids aged 6 to 15 found that one in five worry that they will be more embarrassed by mum and dad during the summer holidays and that, on average, they feel humiliated four times a week.

A staggering three out of four children also believe their parents enjoy mortifying them, while one in three are convinced their parents embarrass them on purpose, one in four don’t think their mum is “normal” and 18% even wish they had different parents!


Do you ever embarrass your kids on purpose? Or do you think they are going to be embarrassed no matter what?

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