We’d guess the past couple of weeks have been rather busy for Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson.


He and hubby Carl Hyland welcomed twins, via a surrogate, on the 22 May ?

Though one thing that didn’t take up too much of their time, it seems, was the name-picking process...

"We had hundreds of names [we liked],” 31-year-old Kieron reportedly revealed.

“Then we went to a chicken restaurant last week and decided their names in a chicken restaurant.”

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That’s one way to do it, right? Just hash things out with your partner over some fried chicken, or a ‘cheeky’ Nandos ?

Anyway, they agreed on Chase for their son, and Phoebe Rae for their baby girl.

kieron richardson

We definitely sense a bit of an American ?? vibe with these names – don’t you?

Chase has been made popular via numerous US TV shows including One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl, despite its French origins.

Nameberry even states that the name is ‘mega popular’ in neighbouring country Canada ??

As for Phoebe, well, Phoebe makes us think of Lisa Kudrow’s character from Friends, and Alyssa Milano’s character on Charmed – as well as the classic American novel Catcher In The Rye.

Though, Nameberry says it’s actually Greek in origin – the mythological ‘by-name’ for the Goddess of the Moon, Artemis.


Kieron and Carl have naturally kept under the radar as they navigate becoming parents to multiples.

But in addition to revealing the baby’s names, Kieron did share one funny parenting tidbit with fans.

"[Chase] is a feeder, constantly wants food," the actor revealed, according to OK! Online.

"And the other day we went down to get food and I had no top on and he started sucking on my little nipple.

“I'm like: 'No! Chase! It's not for you.”

Ahhhh, that classic new dad moment always makes us LOL ?

Image: Instagram/Kieron Richardson

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