Kinder Surprise criticised over gender-specific pink or blue eggs

Ferrero is being accused of gender stereotyping with its newly packaged eggs


Pink or blue gender-specific Kinder Surprise eggs have been launched in the UK. The company announced its decision back in August, despite criticism that the eggs reinforce gender stereotypes.


The pink eggs contain dolls and princesses while the blue eggs contain cars.

Ferrero, the manufacturer of Kinder Surprise, denied any gender-bias. It said in a statement: “We do not advocate or promote our products as gender specific.”

But founder of, Trisha Lowther, said: “It’s baffling really to suggest pink eggs containing dolls and blue eggs containing cars don’t do anything to promote gender stereotypes because they obviously do.

“They’re going to alienate a large part of their potential customer base with this.”

The pink or blue eggs provoked a petition on Ferrero responded: “We want to assure you that we created these products in response to the comments and requests we have received from many girls who were looking for something different from our existing toys.

“I wanted to let you know that we will continue to offer our original Kinder Surprise products, so boys and girls can decide for themselves which of our products they prefer.”

The limited edition eggs will be for sale in the UK for the next year.

Have you seen the newly packaged eggs? What do you think of them?

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