Lily Allen flouts boyfriend’s high heel ban!

Pregnant singer sports super high platform shoes on stage despite being told not to wear them by her other half

Dancing around the stage in her towering platform heels, Lily Allen, 6 months pregnant, took a break from that ‘retirement’!


The celeb mum-to-be, who clearly isn’t ready to hang up her heels and singing career just yet, made a surprise appearance to sing alongside Professor Green. Looking blooming lovely in her ever-impressive maternity wardrobe getup, the 25-year-old’s bump is clearly showing.

Lily’s latest performance is a far cry from her last, when she performed at The Big Chill festival looking a shadow of her usual glamorous self. Sporting jeans and trainers, the singer told the audience that her look was down to her partner Sam Cooper banning her from her heels.

“I packed high heels but my boyfriend unpacked them. He told me I’m not wearing high heels on stage,” she said back in August.

However, three months down the line, Lily has obviously decided to flout Sam’s ban and is back wearing her favourite heels again, even when doing a spot of retail therapy!


While it’s clear that Lily knows what her favourite shoe style is, however she apparently has no idea what childcare options she’ll take once her baby arrives. “I can’t even say I’m going to have a nanny or if I’m going to be with my kid five days a week because I have no idea until I get to do it,” she told Showbiz Spy.

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