Looking for dads with bad dance moves

Art gallery after video clips of embarrassing dancing by dads.


The Lowry Centre, an art gallery in Salford, is searching for the “most embarrassing dad dancers”, and is calling for families to send in their video clips, reports BBC News.


Clips of dads dancing badly – at weddings, birthday or just at home – are to be uploaded to file sharing sites and sent to the gallery. The top 10 most embarrassing dad dancers will get professional tuition, and will be invited to show their dance moves off at a summer family dance exhibition, called Express Yourself.

“We thought a competition that would encourage dancing dads to get seen would be a great way for everyone to realise that dancing doesn’t have to be formal, trained dancing,” said the curator, Michael Simpson.

Michael has confessed that he too is a “bad dancing dad.” Of his dancing techniques, he said, “It’s cringingly embarrassing but to be honest it’s always good fun and I always enjoy it.”


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