MadeForMums joins up with Mumdrum: FAQs

We've combined two top parenting sites to make one great place for parents and parents-to-be


Hurrah! MadeForMums has joined up with The Mumdrum to create a one great parenting site, instead of two.


Why has this happened?

Immediate Media, which owns MadeForMums, recently acquired the wedding website Hitched and, with it, its sister site The Mumdrum. So, we believe it makes sense to combine The Mumdrum and MadeForMums, to create a single mobile-friendly parenting site.

It also means that instead of splitting our time between two places, we can concentrate on doing a really good job in one place, giving you more of the things you would like and responding more quickly to what you want.

So what do I need to do?

Nothing! We’ve done it all for you. If you’re a registered user of MadeForMums or The Mumdrum, you can just log in and carry on as you always have. (If you’ve come over from The Mumdrum, we will prompt you to reset your password when you first log in, as an extra security measure.)

If you were a regular The Mumdrum forum user, you’ll find all your threads, past and present, on the new site’s Chat forum – only now they’ll be easier to see and respond to on a mobile phone. The Mumdrum’s personalised Photo Cards feature will transfer across to MadeForMums.

New from The Mumdrum (welcome!) and got more questions? Find the answers below…

Q. Will I be able to log in to MadeForMums with the e-mail address that I use for my Mumdrum account?

Yes. The first time you visit MadeForMums you’ll be asked to create a new password to ensure that you can access your account safely and securely. If you get stuck at any point in this process, please mail us at

Q. What if I’m already a registered member of MadeForMums ?

If you’re a member of both The Mumdrum and MadeForMums (and you signed up with the same e-mail address for both accounts), then your Mumdrum details will take precedence. and you will be asked to reset your password the first time that you log in to MadeForMums.

Q. Will I still have the same Forum Name on MadeForMums ?

Yes, you will keep your Forum Name – unless there is a MadeForMums user who happens to have the same user name as you. In this case, ‘Mumdrum’ will be added to the end of your Forum Name so you can tell yourselves apart. You can change your screen name at any time; if you’re hugely attached to your Forum Name and don’t want it to change at all, please let us know by mailing and we’ll do our best to sort this out for you.

Q. Which Forum Name will I keep if I’m already a member of MadeForMums ?

After the two sites have joined, your Forum Name on MadeForMums will be the one that you selected for The Mumdrum. You can change your screen name at any time; if you’re hugely attached to your Forum Name and don’t want it to change at all, please let us know by mailing and we’ll do our best to sort this out for you.

Q. Do I still have the same Forum Avatar on MadeForMums ?

Yes, your Forum Avatar has moved across to MadeForMums – and you can change it if you want to. 

Q. What’s happened to all my Mumdrum posts?

All The Mumdrum Trying To Conceive, Baby Talk and Off Topic forum threads have moved across to the MadeForMums Chat forum. The only threads which did not move across were the For Sale and Feedback threads.

MadeForMums has a few more sections and topics in Chat than The Mumdrum did in its Forum. Everything should be easy to find but if you’re having trouble finding the threads you’re looking for, do please let us know and we’ll help you find them.

Q. What about ‘My Discussions’ list?

Your ‘My Discussions’ list have moved across and are now displayed under ‘My Posts’.

Q. What about my Private Messages?

Private Messages sent on The Mumdrum have not moved across but there is a Private Message feature on MadeForMums. You can also message users from within a thread.

Q. What about pictures I’ve posted up in The Mumdrum Forums?

Any pictures you’ve posted on Mumdrum forum threads have been transferred over to MadeForMums.

Q What about The Mumdrum Memory Books?

Sadly, we haven’t been able to move The Mumdrum Memory Books over to MadeForMums (we don’t have access to a software platform that can’t support them).


However, The Mumdrum are offering to create a zip file of every Memory Book. To request the creation of a zip file of your Memory Book simply click here and if you have any other questions or concerns about your Memory Book(s), please mail

If you have a question that’s not answered here, you can always drop us email us at (we answer every mail that comes in) or you can post on the Official Mumdrum Welcome Thread and we’ll answer you there.

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