Marc Jacobs perfume advert banned over child sexualisation complaints

Complaints over ad featuring Dakota Fanning prompts advertising watchdog to remove Marc Jacobs’ ad campaign


Marc Jacob’s Oh Lola! perfume advertising campaign has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Fears the photo used over-sexualises actress Dakota Fanning, star of the Twilight series, led to complaints that the campaign was irresponsible and would cause offence.


Dakota is pictured in a short polka dot dress, which reveals her thigh, holding an over-sized Marc Jacobs perfume bottle between her legs. While the actress is 17 years old, the ASA ruled she was made to look like she was under 16 in the Coty UK owned ad, and sparked fears the sexually provocative image sent out a poor message.

In response to the Bailey Review, which looked at the increasing pressure on children to grow up and become consumers, the ASA ruled it would ban overtly sexual billboards, as well as proposing further restrictions on imagery.

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