Mariah Carey reveals pregnancy cravings

Forget pickles and ice cream, Mariah is craving her five-a-day during her pregnancy

Pregnant Mariah Carey just can’t seem to stop talking about her expanding tummy, and her latest admission is that she’s having strong cravings for fruit during her nine months.


“I don’ t know what it is but I’ m just about fruit for some reason,” said the mum-to-be. “It has to be really good for me to like it, the taste bud situation is unparalleled. I don’ t like that many things.”

Judging by her diva-like antics in the past, we reckon Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon will be providing the mum-to-be with the finest fruit money can buy through her pregnancy!


If unlike Mariah you’re craving weird and wonderful foods during pregnancy, you can find out what they mean in our trimester-by-trimester pregnancy cravings overview.

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