Mark, 31, and Priscilla, 30, felt they were now far enough along in their pregnancy to confidently share the news that they are expecting a baby girl but it hasn’t been easy.


Zuckerberg revealed the heartache behind the joyous news by sharing that he and Priscilla had been trying for baby for years, and that they had endured three miscarriages along the way, describing this time in his life as a ‘lonely experience’.

Writing on his Facebook page, Mark said: “You feel so hopeful when you learn you're going to have a child. You start imagining who they'll become and dreaming of hopes for their future. You start making plans, and then they're gone. It's a lonely experience”.

Mark added that because 'most people don't discuss miscarriages', couples often end up having to 'struggle' on their own, but in a nod to his social media empire, said things are changing:

'In today's open and connected world, discussing these issues doesn't distance us; it brings us together. It creates understanding and tolerance, and it gives us hope.'

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He also said that they hoped their previous experiences would 'give more people the same hope we felt and will help more people feel comfortable sharing their stories as well'.

“This will be a new chapter in our lives. We've already been so fortunate for the opportunity to touch people's lives around the world -- Cilla as a doctor and educator, and me through this community and philanthropy. Now we'll focus on making the world a better place for our child and the next generation.”

Mark joked that their unborn baby girl was already familiar with Facebook parlance - giving her parents a 'thumbs up "like" with her hand' during an ultrasound scan!

'So I'm already convinced she takes after me,' he quipped.

Photo: Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg

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