Levi Alves McConaughey - steal his style!

Taking a leisurely stroll through Central Park in New York, 20-month-old Levi cut a fine figure in his funky getup, accompanied by daddy Matthew McConaughey. Wrapped up nice and warm in his brown bomber jacket and baggy jeans, with a trilby hat over his curly locks, little Levi looked inquisitive as he wandered around the park, much to the dismay of his parents.


“Levi is into everything. You don’t go out and walk in the backyard and daydream for five seconds or he’s on top of the house,” 40-year-old Matthew revealed. The two were joined by Levi’s mum Camila Alves, 28, and the threesome walked around the park hand-in-hand while their 9-week-old daughter Vida was looked after at home.

While clearly inheriting his daddy’s sense of style, it looks like Matthew isn’t banking on Levi following in his acting footsteps. “He’s either going to be an astronaut because he’s always like air traffic control from bird to a plane, sun, moon, cloud, everything in the air. Or he’s Poseidon because he’s infatuated with water – he says 'Agua, agua, agua' (water in Portuguese) for hours!” the famous dad shared.

The actor also revealed that little Levi has gotten the hang of his mum’s native tongue Portguese, and at nearly 2 year old, he’s better at it than his daddy! “Levi speaks a whole lot more Portuguese than Papa does. I get little heck for it in the household.”

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