McDonalds to swap collectible Happy Meal toys for educational books

Happy Meals to inspire ‘Happy Readers’ as long-standing toys are changed for books


McDonalds is waving goodbye to its traditional Happy Meal toy, in favour of introducing fun and educational DK books, the the next 5 weeks.


The move, which is set to see McDonalds give away an estimated 15 million free non-fiction books by the end of 2014, kicks off on January 9th 2013. Similar promotions will appear throughout the next year.

Jim Sells, from the National Literacy Trust, says this is an important move in tackling the issue of children’s literacy, with only 1 in 3 children having books in the home.

Taking the place of wind-up toys and plastic characters are DK’s ‘Amazing World’ series, which come with puzzles and stickers to help bring to life info about stars, planets, big cats and oceans.

Alistair Macrow, Vice President of Marketing at McDonald’s, said, “With 1,200 UK restaurants and eight out of ten families visiting us each year, we’re excited to leverage our scale, our partnerships and our presence in communities across the country to help millions of mums, dads and children find the fun in reading.”

McDonalds will also continue to support other reading campaigns such as WH Smith’s £1 book offers, to help encourage families to try reading new books.


So, what do you think? Will your children enjoy a McBook more? Let us know below…


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