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Meet the mum addicted to surrogacy

Pregnant with her ninth and tenth baby, Jill Hawkins is currently the UK’s most prolific mum

Due to give birth to twins just three weeks before her 48th birthday, Jill Hawkins holds the record for the most surrogate pregnancies for someone living in the UK.


With no plans to stop, Jill admits her family is concerned due to her difficult time with her eighth surrogate, spending most of her pregnancy in bed suffering from nausea and headaches.

“My parents were concerned during the last pregnancy because it could have been life threatening. But I have forgotten about the terrible bits,” Jill said. “I find being pregnant very fulfilling. I’m a naturally giving person and to be able to give babies away is what I do,” Jill explained

With no children of her own, Jill wants to deliver two more babies before her 50th birthday. Being paid around £12,000 per pregnancy, Jill also admits she has never been in love.

Commenting on her multiple surrogacies, Jill said, “I don’t just decide to get pregnant on a whim. I think long and hard about it.” She added, “I never want to keep them. I am not maternal and very selfish. Not many women can give babies away as it’s very emotional giving birth.”

Jill’s first seven babies were conceived naturally using artificial insemination, however Jill is now using IVF.

Jill’s status as Britain’s most prolific surrogate has come about as Caroline Horlock, who had 12 surrogate babies, now lives in France.

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