Meet the new wave of LEGO Minifigures

Hitting shelves today, 16 more collectible (and quirky!) characters join the LEGO family


After seeing early-bird images and even getting our hands on a few samples, we’ve been sworn to secrecy until now about the new LEGO Minifigures. But finally we can break our silence!


If you’ve got a LEGO-lover on your hands, you’ll be pleased to hear that 16 new LEGO Minifigures will be released today. These little LEGO men and women make up Series 2 of the latest playground craze – something we predicted earlier this year!

Hitting No. 1 in the UK Toy Charts in May*, it’s easy to see why LEGO fans get hooked. For £1.99 (or a week’s worth of pocket money, depending on your child’s age) the little sealed pack gives no hints as to which mini-man or mini-woman you’ve got inside, so they end up being perfect for swapping between friends. And we’ve got to admit, here at MFM we’re secretly hoping to have Disco Dude join our collection soon.


So be prepared for the Explorer, Karate Master, Lifeguard, Mariachi, Mime Artist, Pharaoh, Pop Star, Ringmaster, Skier, Spartan Warrior, Surfer, Traffic Cop, Vampire, Weightlifter, Witch and of course the Disco Dude to be accompanying your child to school soon.

*NPD results weekly report Week 27


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