MFM joins in Asda’s baby shower

From innovative products to exclusive partnerships, Asda’s baby section is booming - and MFM got the inside info. Are we all supposed to tap our back pockets now?


Everyday low cost was the phrase ringing in our ears after we left the Asda baby shower yesterday afternoon. The good thing is – the words ring true. Asda has teamed up with big brand names like Cosatto and Tommee Tippee to offer mums a wide range of products at a good price.


Mums’ feedback plays a large part in Asda’s product development. Packs of wet wipes have click shut lids after mums found the sticker ones caught the attention of their kids who would pull reams and reams of wipes out. Food in squishy packets with screw cap lids were also designed with mum in mind – light, easy to open and close again and again through the course of a day out and split into three handy stages. Asda’s own kids’ rice cakes have also apparently been a big hit – probably because mums like a good nibble on them too!

Beautifully arranged displays of Asda’s Little Angels toiletries showed that they weren’t just useful products (a lot of them could be used by both mum and baby) but pretty enough to be on your shelves too. We were pretty taken with their liquid talc – and have the white marks on our clothes to prove it.

Gorgeous PJ sets with Max and Millie characters are a strong theme throughout, as well as popular Disney and Warner Brothers characters, showing off Asda’s fun and playful side.


A roaming baby was there to test out all the products and he seemed happy enough (he was there with his mum really!).

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