MFM’s search for toddler builders begins

Creative toddlers wanted to try out new MEGA Bloks toys


Last year we were bowled over by the amazing creations our MFM toddlers made when we sent them a bag of MEGA Bloks building bricks. We had castles, palaces and bridges in pink and purple and primary colours.


So this year we want to see what else your tots can do!

To celebrate the launch of its MEGA bloke competition, building brick wizard MEGA Bloks is offering your little one a bag of MAXI Bloks. These are bigger and chunkier than your standard bricks and easy to handle for children as young as one.

We’ve got 15 MAXI bags of MEGA Bloks to give away and all we want you to do is get your toddler to play with them, write a few words in our forum about what your tot has been doing with them and then upload a photo of your tot’s materpiece when it’s finished!


So pop your name and your child’s age down below and 15 lucky toddlers will be picked at random to receive a MAXI bag of MEGA Bloks to get their architect careers started!


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