Michelle Heaton’s daughter naps on her mum’s baby bump: PIC

Two-year-old Faith finds mum Michelle Heaton's baby bump is the perfect resting place for her weary toddler head


Michelle Heaton isn’t far off giving birth to her son.


And, it seems, until he arrives, Michelle’s baby bump is the perfect place for 1-year-old Faith to take a nap!

“Our ‪@hughhanley little girl using our little boy as a pillow,” Michelle tweeted with this adorable pic. “She better not get used to it he will be here soon lol”

The Liberty X singer, 34, is thought to be having a planned Caesarean soon.

And then, after the birth of her second child, she’ll face surgery to remove her ovaries and so help lower of her risk of getting cancer.

Michelle’s already had a double mastectomy, in 2012, after discovering that she carries the mutated BRCA2 gene – which puts her at greater risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

“I’m not afraid of the procedure,” Michelle told OK! magazine, “but the idea of going through the menopause while I’m still in my 30s is scary.”

But Michelle is happy at the prospect of being a mum-of-2.

“I’ve always wanted two,” she said. “I’m one of two, Hugh [her husband Hugh Hanley] is one of two, and now we’ll have a boy and a girl.”

Michelle’s pregnancy hasn’t been all plain-sailing: although she’s been feeling fine, she’s been told she has a low-lying placenta “which basically means that I will be bed-bound towards the end of the pregnancy as the pressure of the baby on the placenta can cause internal bleeding”.

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