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Miffy gets a fashionable makeover

Our favourite rabbit has gone all 'Lady Gaga' on us and has got herself a quirky new look courtesy of renowned fashion designers

Miffy in Fashion

To celebrate the launch of the rather fabulous 'Miffy in Fashion' exhibition at the Dick Bruna huis in Utrecht, a host of designers have created a one-off outfit for the floppy eared rabbit herself.


From designers such as Clement Ribeiro, Minä Perhonen, Claes Iverson, Piet Paris and Jan Taminian (who has dressed Lady Gaga, no less), these fashionistas have given the modest Miffy a look to be reckoned with.

Feast your eyes on these quirky creations and if you're a massive fan, why not take a trip to the exhibit yourself? It's starts today and goes on until December 31.

Here's hoping for a Miffy will rock up in a meat dress or a lobster headpiece...


This pic: Miffy, Tahiti hostess’ designed by Clements Ribeiro


‘Miffy and the pink dress’ by Melody Deldjou Fard


‘Pray’ by Anrealage (Japan)


‘After picking flowers’ by Minä Perhonen


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