Miley Cyrus is pregnant – according to the web!

The rumour mill is in overdrive with claims that Miley is expecting her first baby


If the internet is to be believed, 22-year-old Wrecking Ball singer and persistent tongue-flasher Miley Cyrus is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger.


The story has spread like wildfire (like so many other pregnant celebrity rumours) after a gossip website cited a magazine article (not online) which claimed Miley had missed a period and taken two pregnancy tests. One of the tests allegedly came back negative, one positive.

Friends of the popstar are, according to the Inquisitr website, now “convinced” that she is in the early stages of pregnancy, around one month along.

Neither Miley or Patrick have responded to the latest stories, but this isn’t the first time baby-related claims have circulated about the singer  – back in September 2013, she apparently had a Juicy J shaped bun in her oven.  

We guess only time will tell if there is any truth in this latest ‘pregnancy’ news!

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