A listing for a Gender Prediction Test that promises to tell parents the sex of their baby after just 6 weeks' pregnancy has been called 'misleading' by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).


The test, listed on Amazon at an eye-watering £15.99, claims to ‘satisfy your curiosity’ but the ASA described it as ‘misleading’.

The advert says: “Boy of Girl? Pregnancy Baby Gender Prediction Test.

“Gender prediction test results in less than a minute... accurate gender prediction results.

“Gendermaker will satisfy your curiosity and give you accurate results in just seconds. No need to wait until your 18-20 weeks ultrasound to find out the gender of your baby.

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“Gendermaker urine gender prediction test will speed up time, and close the gap between your curiosity and ultrasound. Get your urine prediction test today!”

But according to the Daily Mail, angry customers have complained after the 'results' of the test were contradicted by an ultrasound months later.

“[We] understood that the product was not able to predict the sex of an unborn child and was designed for amusement only," ruled the ASA.

“We considered that a consumer would not be aware of the true nature of the product until they read the full ‘Product Description’, which they could easily overlook.

“In addition, we considered that the claim regarding the fact the product was for entertainment purposes contradicted the overall impression of the ad.

"Therefore, we concluded that the ad was misleading. The ad must not appear in its current form again."

A spokesman for Gendermaker.com confirmed that the product was for 'entertainment purposes only'.

He added that the listing, which, at time of publication, is still up on Amazon, "did not make any claims regarding the accuracy of the product. If you want an absolute determination of your baby's sex, please consult a medical professional."

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