Money doesn’t buy child’s success

How hands-on you are influences your child’s achievement more than social status


Parents taking an active interest in a child’s education is four times more important than their financial background in influencing future success, according to a new report. Your involvement means your child has a greater chance of going on to higher education and having a good job.


The report has recommendations as to how children from poorer backgrounds could access the same education opportunities as children from wealthier families, who often are better placed to attended well-performing schools and also pay university and tuition fees. It was commissioned by the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and is called Unleashing Aspirations.

Former cabinet minister and the author of the report, Alan Milburn, is expected to come up with 80 recommendations on how to close the social gap.


Do you think it’s obvious that attention from parents matters more than money, or do you think money can mean more opportunities? Let us know below…

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