More broody celebrities! Fergie and Kimberley Walsh talk babies

Black Eyed Peas singer wants a pea in the pod and Girls Aloud gal wants lots

Newly married Fergie has revealed that she wants to start a family after she finishes touring with her fellow Black Eyed Peas band members in April.


Currently on the road with their ‘E.N.D Tour’, 34-year-old Fergie has big plans when she returns home to her Transformers actor husband, Josh Duhamel.  “Am I broody? Oh definitely! But I want to finish this tour first before trying to start a family. We’re never going to be at this time of our lives again so we want to make the most of it!” she told Cosmopolitan magazine.

The sassy singer is also promoting upcoming film, Nine, in which she plays a prostitute.

Elsewhere on the celeb music circuit, Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh is also making baby plans, and she wants lots! Currently engaged to long-term boyfriend, Justin Scott, the 28-year-old popette is hoping that babies will be on the agenda soon.

“I’m broody at the moment, we both are,” she told the Daily Mail. “I’m excited about that phase of my life and feel I’m ready – I want lots!”


There seems to be something in the water in Girls Aloud, as Kimberley’s bandmate, Cheryl Cole has also recently shared her yearning for babies “sooner rather than later”. Do we see a double Girls Aloud pregnancy on the horizon? Imagine the baby shower!


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