More than 150 clothes in children’s wardrobes

62% of children have their own designer gear


Parents are turning their children into mini fashionistas after a survey revealed they spend an average a staggering £764 a year on the latest trends for their kids.


The survey, by Shelias’ Wheels home insurance cover also revealed that 39% of children are said to own their first piece of designer clothing before they reached their second birthday. Eager to keep up with celebrity children, parents have admitted that 62% of children own at least one high end designer item.

Jacky Brown, Shelias’ Wheels home insurance, says, “It used to be kids who followed in their parents’ footsteps, but now it seems children are leading the way it comes to keeping up with expensive fashion trends.”

Parents are feeling the pressure as 36% admitted worrying that their child would face bullying at school if they did not have the right clothing. Almost a third questioned felt so strongly about the matter that they would not put their children in second hand clothing. More than half insisted on always buying their children brand new clothing.

What do you think about buying your child designer clothes?


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