Multi-tasking mums are forgetful, says survey

Survey reveals that the average mum has 25 different daily tasks – and 30% admit they forget something everyday!


A recent survey of 3,000 mums has revealed that stressed out mothers tackle 25 different tasks every single day. But with the pressures of multi-tasking paying the bills, remembering birthdays and doing the school run, one in 10 admit to forgetting vital things – like making dinner!


The research by Aunt Bessie found that nine out of 10 mums are so snowed under they forget important things like taking out food from the freezer to defrost (48% admit doing this!) with a further 29% forgetting all the ingredients for the family meal.

It’s not just dinnertime that mums forget about – birthdays, taking library books back and paying bills also slip their minds too! Over a third blame their forgetfulness on being too busy to cram it in, while one in 10 says it’s because they’re knackered.

But for every task forgotten, mums feel wracked with guilt, with 18% admitting they always feel bad when they forget something – especially when they get a ticking off from their child’s teacher! One in five revealed that they had gotten in trouble with their child’s school because of their forgetfulness.

If like the mums polled you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day, take a look at MFM’s guide on how to maximise your ‘me’ time.


Are you a forgetful multi-tasking mum? We’d love to know your worst moment!


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