OK, we can probably all admit to times we just wished there was a simple way to make our kids do things - like getting them potty-trained, or encouraging them to tidy their rooms without asking, right?


But would you ever dream of going as far as hypnotising your child in order to get them to do the things you wanted them to? Yes? No? Maybe?

Mum-of-3 and hypnotherapist Lisa Machenberg has done - and still does - just that.

In an interview with ABC News, Lisa spoke candidly about how she has used "hypno-parenting" on her kids since they were young - for example, to get them to sleep through the night without wetting the bed.

And she still uses it on 17-year-old daughter Rayna, to help with things like stress. What does Rayna think of it?

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"It's helped me develop into the person I am," she reveals. Though Lisa's son Jake doesn't sound so happy about the whole thing...

"It could get a little crazy when she tries to hypnotise us at every single possible situation that she can. It could get a little overbearing - she gets in your head."

Lisa admits she uses hypnosis on her kids and husband to get things done around the house, to her benefit.

And she told New York Post:

"If we learn hypno-parenting, we learn how to hypnotise our children to be cooperative, peaceful, have containment and have good study habits... because they have focus and have more resilience out there in the world."

In an article for the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Lisa gives away a few of her strategies for hypno-parenting (just in case you want to give it a go).


"First, stop. Put your hand on the child's shoulder, look directly in his/her eyes and give directions as statements, not questions.

"For example, you can say, 'John, it is now time for you to take out the garbage, please'. This is more effective than, 'Can you take out the garbage now?'"

"Want to increase the chances that John will do it the first time you ask? Simply nod your head up and down in a 'yes' motion as you give your direction, and you'll notice John nodding back!"

Hmmm, based on this snippet at least - it seems choosing how to phrase what you say is a big part of Lisa's style of hypno-parenting. It's not necessarily about a full-on Paul McKenna-style fall-over-your-chair scenario.

Nevertheless, Linda's antics haven't gone down too well online.

One commenter said: "Sorry but no way do I agree with hypnotising anyone to either behave like or to do stuff like this, she is playing God."

Another said:

"No, no, no... this is surely child abuse... She isn't parenting... this is consistently undermining independent thought for the purpose of an easier life for her.

"In life today we need people who can think independently and critically... She's literally removing her children's ability to think independently..."

Here at MFM we kind of agree with the critics - we not too sure we're comfortable with the idea of hypnotising your own family to get them to do stuff.

What do you reckon? Tell us over on Facebook or in the comments below.

Photos: Getty / Lisa Machenberg on Twitter

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