Goodness. Kids' clothing really does cause endless controversy these days, doesn't it? Whether it's objections to pink, outcries over slogans, stuff being considered too grown up, or just downright impractical for whippersnappers to do their thang in, it's rarely out of the news.


And now, this story has come to our attention: a mum who is dressing her baby boy in frocks because she doesn't buy into gender stereotypes (fair enough) and because, as a 10-week-old baby, her little one isn't obviously boy-like yet.

The woman posted about her sartorial choices for her little boy on a parenting forum, writing: "I think dresses are lovely and as I don't follow this gender society c*** that girls wear dresses and pink and boys wear blue and trousers...I don't see the issue in putting my son in a dress."

She added: "He's only 10 weeks so is still quite neutral, ie, you can't necessarily tell he's a boy yet!"

The mum admitted that "everyone else thinks it's wrong" and ended her post by asking other parents if they thought it was.

Opinions on her choices came thick and fast - one bluntly told her it sounded like she wanted a daughter, while another accused her of just "doing it to make some sort of point".

Another told her to have another child if she wanted a girl (despite the woman having explained her son would be her first and only child because she'd had a traumatic birth experience) while one straight-talking poster stated she sounded like she wanted 'a doll rather than a baby'.

See?! Clothes. They stir up no END of trouble!

Some people pointed out that dresses were not the most practical of garms for a newborn, regardless of their sex, while others were fine with the notion of frocks for boys when they were old enough to decide for themselves.

A few lone voices supported the mum though: "I personally think my eight month-old would look gorgeous in a dress," one said.

"Go for it - christening robes are sort of dresses anyway and no one makes a fuss about them."

(Fair point. Christening gowns are the ultimate in frockage, right?).

What do you think?

Would you put your baby boy in a dress if you felt like it? Or is a plain babygro the best option for newborns if you don't want to be gender-y about it? Let us know in comments or on Facebook.

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