Mum given £75 fine for feeding ducks

But her toddler son allowed to continue throwing bread


A Birmingham mum was given a £75 fine for littering, when she was spotted feeding ducks in her local park with her 17-month-old son.


However, the park warden who fined Vanessa Kelly, 26, let her toddler carry on saying he was too young to prosecute.

Sandwell Council has now decided to drop Vanessa’s fine. “We will take a common sense approach to this matter and for this reason we will not pursue payment for Vanessa Kelly’s fixed penalty notice while we improve signs at Smethwick Hall Park,” stated the council’s deputy leader.

“I was horrified when I was given a fine,” Vanessa explained. “It’s ridiculous. I take my son to feed the ducks every week. It’s for his entertainment and to keep him happy.”

A spokesperson for the council explained that the geese in the park had been causing major problems. “Nearby residents complain they are noisy, dirty and aggressive. Feeding them only encourages them to congregate in the park. It also attracts vermin.”


After her fine was dropped, Vanessa commented, “I won’t be going back to that park again. I will take my son to a different park from now on.”


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