Mum gives birth in just 8 minutes

A UK mum gave birth in her bathroom after a super-speedy labour


Many mums-to-be hope for a quick labour, but could you imagine giving birth in under 10 minutes? Well, for 22-year-old Natalie Dunleavy, from Wakefield, this is what happened!


Natalie gave birth in her bathroom on Thursday after a labour lasting just eight minutes, reports the BBC.

Natalie’s partner Joshua Courtney, 21, was on hand to help deliver daughter Bo-Pierre with a bit of coaching from a midwife over the phone.

Natalie said, “It was so quick it was unbelievable. Josh was amazing. It was an amazing experience to remember.”

Joshua explained, “I was on the phone to the midwife and all of a sudden Natalie said to me that her waters had broken.”

Baby Bo-Pierre, who was due tomorrow, was born soon after weighing 8lb 4oz. Mum and baby are both doing well. Joshua said, “I didn’t believe it was me that did it, I think my body went into auto pilot.”


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