Mum has public tantrum in front of kids – over a cupcake

A mother-of-two throws herself onto the floor ranting after her favourite cupcake sells out


Have there ever been times when you felt like having a full toddler tantrum, as good as your little one can throw? Lots of us have – but one mother went that bit further and had a public meltdown in front of her children and shocked shoppers.


The mum-of-two threw herself to the floor and started screaming when she discovered that her favourite ‘sweet tooth fairy cakes’ had all been sold, according to The Sun.

Her children apparently joined in with some screaming and shouting of their own, but the scene went from comedy to criminal damage, when the mum started smashing the display units and caused around £400 worth of destruction.

“The woman went ballistic when she was told we didn’t have the cupcake flavour – the sweet tooth fairy cake – she wanted,” explained the owner of the Cardiff shop, Sugarswirlz.

“She didn’t even wait for us to tell her that if she waited we could bake some fresh cupcakes for her. She threw herself on the floor ranting and raving while her children screamed.”

Police confirmed they are investigating an incident involving assault and damage caused to the premises.


Perhaps it’s wise to remember our own words of wisdom: there’s no point throwing a tantrum, it won’t get you what you want… and it’s only a cupcake!

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