Mum of 14 kids jealous of pregnant teen daughter

Mum of Britain's biggest family is said to be jealous of her teenage daughter's pregnancy, despite already having 14 children of her own!


When Joanne Watson of Guernsey found out her 15 year old daughter, one of 14 children, was pregnant, her first reaction was jealousy.


Despite already having 14 children, with ages ranging from 2 to 22, Joanne Watson, 40, is in no hurry to stop trying to conceive.

After her husband and the dad of her children left her in 2008, Joanne has been on the look out for a potential father for a 15th child. She has been enjoying “no-strings” relations with a local delivery driver but has failed to conceive, leaving her frustrated, according to the Daily Mail.

Joanne’s pregnant daughter Mariah, 15 , has already moved out of her mum’s home into special accommodation for single mums.

While there have been many critics of Joanne and her family, who say that she deliberately has more and more children in order to gain state benefits, the mum of 14 insists, “I have my children because I love being a Mum – not for the money”.

As a final surprise, Joanne said there’s a chance she may be pregnant again. If this is the case, she plans to send the delivery driver “a text saying just one word: thanks”.

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