Mum-of-three adopts best friend’s five children after both parents die

Single mum Julie Jones added another five children to her brood after friend’s children lose both parents in six months


Julie Jones, 46, agreed to adopt her best friend Caroline’s five children after Caroline was given 12 months to live due to a brain tumour.


The pair reportedly hoped that their idea would only ever be ‘Plan B’ but it soon became Plan A. Caroline, 45, passed away a few months later and her husband David, 44, also died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage, leaving Michael, 12, Kieran, 11, James, 10, Emma, 8, and Chantelle, 6, in need of more than a new home.

Julie, a single mum who already had three children of her own, Christian, 14, Peter, 18, and Adam, 20, said she had to put the three boys in a tent in the garden while they converted their dining room into a bedroom, the Daily Mail reports. Julie describes the death of her friend as the worst day of her life, but says she loves the children and would never have allowed them to end up in care.

Supermum Julie, who lives in Cambridgeshire, has reportedly ignored advice from her local council to sell her home and move into a council house in order to get financial backing. Having been friends with Caroline since school and already being godmother to most of her children, Julie said, “I’m there when they need a mummy.” Julie is confident her friend would have done the same for her. Now we don’t know about you, but MFM HQ has emptied the tissue box over these best friends’ loyalty and love.


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