Mum selling her breast milk online – for nearly £4 an ounce!

When new mum Toni Ebdon found she was producing too much milk, she found a novel way to make cash with it


A mum who found she was producing more milk than her baby could drink has found a novel way to make a few pennies, by selling it online!


Toni Ebdon laughed to her friends that she was producing so much milk for baby David that she could open her own dairy. Meant as a joke, the savvy mum saw an opportunity to make a bit of cash and put her excess breast milk up for sale online.

Fast-forward 3 months and Toni has sold 30 ounces and counting. It’s going mainly to mums who can’t breastfeed but also to men who say they’re keen to get the health benefits linked to breast milk, which are thought to help with cancer and diabetes.

“I tend not to ask too many questions or pry into people’s private lives,” says single mum, Toni. “All communication is done via email. Then I meet the customer in person to hand over the milk. They can have it fresh or store it in the freezer for up to one month.”

Toni now has quite a following, with ten regular customers who each pay £15 for 4 oz. With her milk in high demand and the biggest order so far totaling 12oz, Toni’s in no rush to stop her money-making scheme, admitting, “I intend to carry on selling it until it dries up.”


Savvy businesswomen or a bit weird? We bet you’ve got thoughts on this one….

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