Mum shares ‘crap housewife’ teatime fails on Instagram

Forget beetroot five ways and something fancy with a side of even fancier - this mum's sharing tinned spag on toast on Instagram, and we love her for it


Ah, Instagram – the home of all things beautiful, right?


When it comes to delicious dinner snaps – there are probably a fair few of us who have taken a stunning food shot on the rare occasion when we’re having a slap-up meal out, or have made something fancy at home, popped on an Insta filter and posted it for the world to drool over.

So we reckon pics like these – from Aussie mum of 3 Jessica Rowe – are pretty few and far between in the heavily filtered picture-perfect world that is Instagram.

But that’s why we think they’re awesome.


From canned spaghetti to dry boiled pasta, here at MFM HQ we’ve all admitted that, while we do our very best to make sure our kids have some kind of nutrition throughout the day, there are some days when we’ve just run out of stuff and we have to make do with whatever there is in the cupboard…


And sometimes, when the cupboard is bare, we might just need to rely on a takeaway….


Jessica captioned this last shot: “Today is Friday… Friday is pizza!! #hooray! #cr*phousewife.”

Yep, we totally ❤️ it.

Jessica has 28,000 followers on Instagram – we’re guessing they’re loving her honest pics, which are such a great antidote to the usual soft focus, filtered loveliness that Instagram is famous for.

“A woman after my own heart Jess!” said one fan.

“I’m such a bad mother. Tonight I gave the kids burnt boxed pizza and garlic bread #imgoingtoburninhell ?” said another.

And finally: “Love it #honest xx.”

Well, you’ve certainly made us feel a bit better about what we’ll be dishing up for the kids tonight, Jessica…?

Photos: Jessica Rowe on Instagram

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