Mum has contractions as she walks through snow drifts to deliver baby

Samantha Stanger and her fiance Jack had to abandon their car as the Beast from the East hit


Here at MFM HQ we love reading our mums’ birth stories – because each one is so unique.


Though, we have to say, not all of them are quite as dramatic as this one from Samantha Stanger, who found herself going into labour as the now infamous Beast from the East covered her home in Cumbria.

Sharing her story on our forum, Samantha says this:

“We’d been snowed out of our village on Thursday by 10ft snow drifts, stayed the night at our friends and yesterday morning my waters broke in his bathroom.

“Went to see the midwife who said that she thought baby would arrive by the evening. So we set off in an attempt to get home.

“We got about half a mile from the village and had to abandon the car and go on foot across the snow drifts with me having contractions.

“We got home for a few hours to pick up some essentials but by 3.30pm my contractions were every 5 minutes so we set off back to the car.

“A JCB was clearing the road but still hadn’t done all of it so I had to reclimb the drifts with regular painful contractions every 5 minutes.


“It was hard work walking through the drifts as it was, but eventually we got back to our 4×4 and set off. 

“Although I did get assessed at the birthing centre where I was only 3cm dilated but contractions were coming fast so she sent us straight up to the hospital. 

“We travelled 30 miles up to the hospital and arrived at half 4. We were in a side room for a little bit but then were able to use the birthing pool and gas and air and she arrived at 9.04pm!”

? ? ?

Quite the birth story, huh?!

We are delighted to say though, that all went well and the couple’s beautiful daughter Isabella arrived safe and sound.


When Samantha was asked to reflect on the birth by our community manager, Dani, she said this:

“It’s certainly one to be telling her when she’s older. None of the midwives could believe our journey into the hospital.

“I’d like to think that I was quite calm, I knew I had no choice but to carry on so our girl could arrive safely.

“I think I let everyone else do the worrying, including neighbours carrying our bags and baby seat for us!

“I knew we would make it, I had every faith in my partner to get me to where I needed to be!”

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