Mum speaks out after her baby drowns in the bath

Distraught mum Amy Denning urges parents to be more aware when bathing their young children


A mum, whose 11-month-old baby drowned after she left him and his older brother unattended in the bath for just a few minutes, has spoken out to urge parents to never leave their young children alone in the bath.


Amy Dennings, from South Yorkshire tragically lost her son Oliver after leaving the bathroom for a quick moment to clean a changing mat. When she returned, Amy discovered her baby submerged in the bath water unconscious. After rushing him to hospital, Oliver sadly died of brain damage a week later.

“I would like other people to learn from what has happened to us. I would like to tell everyone never to leave a child in the bath, even for a second. I would have this to happen to any other family,” Amy has said.


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