Mum spent 10 hours a day online addicted to Facebook

Woman dubbed ‘Britain’s Worst Mum’ says she's now a better mum, having cut down to six hours a day on the web


When 22-year-old mum of two Kelly Moyston appeared on the TV show Wife Swap, viewers were so upset by her approach to parenting they urged social services to get involved.


During the show, which aired in June, viewers saw her feeding her 18-month-old daughter Georgina crisps for breakfast and leaving her in soiled nappies while she surfed the internet for 10 hours a day.

After revealing that taking her daughter out for a walk was “a drag” and blaming the high number of fast-food outlets for her feeding Georgina junk food, her actions saw viewers and fellow contestant Kelly Murphy calling for social services to intervene, and earnt her the label ‘Britain’s Worst Mum.’

As a defence for her actions, Kelly claimed it was her “addiction to Facebook” that caused her to neglect her daughter. “Days after she was born I signed up to Facebook and it wasn’t long until I couldn’t bear to turn off the computer. Going out with a baby was a drag,” she told Closer magazine.

In between feeding her daughter Quavers for breakfast and a sausage roll for lunch, Kelly would spend 10 hours emailing friends, exchanging virtual gifts and playing games, leaving her no time to spend with her daughter, cook or clean.

However, since giving birth to her second daughter, Isabella, three months ago, Kelly claims she has turned her lazy parenting days around. Well, sort of. “I admit I neglected Georgina, but I’m different now. I only spend six hours a day on Facebook and sometimes take Georgina to the park. I admit I do still have the TV on most of the time for her while I’m busy, but I only give her McDonalds if nothing else is available, why would I go to the supermarket when I could buy a burger chips and a drink for £1.50?”


The mum-of-two also claims in her interview with Closer magazine to do more cleaning and has even invited social services round to her house to prove she has improved. Justifying her improvements, she brings her ‘addiction’ into conversation again. “I’ll always be a daily user as it’s an addiction. I log on in the morning and spend most time online when they go to bed.”


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