Mum takes matching portraits of dog and baby: PICS

A dog is baby's best friend... and fashion inspiration

Giving Kanye a run for his money in the style stakes

Ready for take-off!

We all know the internet is full of funny baby pics and funny dog pics. Now an enterprising mum has combined the two – creating cute baby with matching cute dog pictures. 


Californian photographer and mum Grace Chon has unveiled a series of photos that show her young son Jasper and her dog Zoey dressed in identical outfits.

Grace took to Instagram to express her joy at the family’s new found fame, posting: “Woah, you guys. #zoeyandjasper are making their way around the interwebs. Hello to all our new friends and thanks for following along on our adventures! I’m so happy and excited that you’re all happy and excited about our photos.”

Zoey the dog was rescued by Grace and her family from a dogs’ home – little knowing what an internet sensation she’d become. Grace revealed that both Zoey and Jasper were taking fame in the stride, saying: “I told Zoey she was winning the internet today and all she wanted was a belly rub from her BFF,” she later added, “I was all ‘Yo, Jasper, you’re kind of a big deal right now.’ And he was like ‘Bluh’.”

We take our hats off to both Zooey and Jasper for pulling off so many different headwear looks – it takes a special kind of talent to rock a rainbow sweat band!


To keep up to date with the duo’s antics, head over to the Tumblr page dedicated to the pair. 

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