Mum “thrown off” bus after toddler distracts driver with tantrum

Pregnant mum was asked to leave because the bus driver was “disturbed” by toddler’s behaviour


A pregnant mum says she was asked to leave a bus because the driver was disturbed by her toddler’s behaviour, reports the BBC. Sharon Tracey, 35, claims she was told by the driver to keep her two-year-old son, Brandon, quiet on a bus in Plymouth.


“Brandon was fed up and hot and was screaming to get out,” said Sharon, who is four months pregnant. “I was doing my best to keep him quiet. The driver turned round and said if I didn’t shut him up we would be thrown off. I was doing my best to keep him quiet.”

The bus driver stopped two miles from Sharon’s stop. “He said I had had a warning and must get off,” she added. “I hear other kids playing up all the time and you think nothing of it. There’s not a lot you can do when kids have these moments.”

Sylvia Bird, the Marketing Manager for Plymouth City Bus, said, “This alleged incident has been reported to us and we’re currently looking at the CCTV footage. We will investigate thoroughly.”


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