Two heavily pregnant mums-to-be started going into labour in the most unusual places this week – one at a concert and one while queuing for a very important football ticket.


The JLS fan was at the band’s gig in Rhyl Pavillion, Wales, when she realised her waters had broken and had to make a quick exit.

JLS later put out a plea to the new mum to get in touch. The pop stars want to know whether she had a boy or a girl and what she named the baby.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Reeves was queuing with her husband Vince to get their hands on tickets for an FA Cup match between their team Southampton and arch rivals Portsmouth.

When Rebecca started having contractions, Vince was faced with a huge dilemma – baby or tickets. “I’ve never queued this long for anything before,” said Vince, “and didn’t want to lose my place but her contractions became more frequent, so I offered to take her home. Thankfully, she insisted I stayed.”

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Vince continued queuing while his wife, also a huge Southampton fan, went home. Her waters broke when he was just 50 places from the front of the queue.

Luckily, Vince got to hospital in time to see his wife give birth to baby Jessica. The first thing Rebecca asked when she saw her husband was whether he’d got the tickets!


Southampton football club was so impressed by Vince and Rebecca’s dedication to the team that it’s given baby Jessica a lifetime season ticket. Let’s hope she doesn’t turn out to be a Chelsea fan.


Susie Boone, Editorial Director MadeForMums
Susie BooneEditorial Director, MadeForMums