Mum told to leave cinema for taking baby to a 15 film

The mum was told her 11-week-old baby was too young to watch a 15-certificate film!


In a ‘You couldn’t make it up’ moment, a new mum was asked to leave a cinema because her 11-week old baby was too young for a 15-certificate film.


Sam Ross, 30, took her daughter with her to watch Bad Neighbours – a comedy starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron.

The mum was then told she was ‘breaking the law’ by cinema staff and escorted out, according to the Metro.

She said: “It was totally humiliating.

“We were escorted out. I was really looking forward to watching the movie and catching up with a friend.”

She added: “At just 11 weeks old my daughter is totally oblivious to what’s going on, she would have just gone off to sleep.

“If she was screaming and interrupting everyone I would totally understand and would never stay in the cinema, but she was completely fine.”

She did receive a refund from the cinema in Cambridge. A spokesperson added: “On this particular occasion the customer should have been advised that babies are not permitted into 15 certificate films and declined the sale.”

Clearly some cinemas like to follow the law to the letter. A spokesman for Vue explained that small children were only allowed in to U, PG and 12A-rated films, in accordance with official guidelines.

Perhaps when they were drawing up the guidelines, someone forgot to explain the difference between a small child and a little baby…

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