A mum-of-4 has set the Guinness World Record for donating breast milk.


Amelia Boomker, 36, comes from Illinois in the US and. according to the Daily Mail, she has pumped 16,321 US fl oz of her breastmilk and donated it to the non-profit Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank so other people's babies can have it.

That staggering amount of pumped milk equates to 4,000 baby bottles, and meant she was pretty much tied to her breast pump from February 2008 to September 2013.

And what makes Amelia's story even more remarkable is that she wasn’t able to breastfeed any of her 4 children herself – and used bottles of (yes, you've guessed it!) pumped milk instead.

Her oldest son Danny, 9, was born with a heart condition and had to be tube-fed. Liam, 6, had a high-arched palate which meant he couldn’t latch on and Ryan, 4, never took to the nipple.

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Her youngest 18-month-old Connor, was able to breastfeed only for a few weeks.

So Amelia got so used to pumping between 8-10 times a day for 20 minutes at a time, she just kept on going.

“I hope that the record continues to get beaten because, frankly, that means much more milk is getting donated,” she says.

A spokesperson for The Indiana Mothers' Milk Bank said: “It’s not as though we encourage moms to pump an excess amount of milk to go for something like the world record.

“It just so happens that Amelia - she has some pumping skills… it’s just insane.”

All breastmilk donated to bottle banks, both in the US and the UK, is pasteurised and dispensed according to strict health-and-safety guidelines.

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