A woman who learned she was pregnant on her 50th birthday has revealed how she was initially 'devastated' to find out she was having a baby.


Anthea Nicholas, who is now 55, told TV documentary makers that although she was she was 'terrified' and 'cried a lot', she decided to go against medical advice and continue with the pregnancy - despite having a 70% chance of miscarriage.

Anthea and her husband Peter, 59, had been married for 4 years when she conceived naturally - which was even more of a shock having already been told by doctors that her age and Peter's low sperm count gave her just a 7 million to 1 chance of having a baby.

The couple accepted that they were unlikely to have a child of their own, and after being told they were too old to adopt, they became foster parents, and cared for 2 siblings for 2 years.

Their own amazing baby news happened as they were getting ready to go on a cruise to celebrate Anthea's 50th birthday.

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The Mail reports that the mum-to-be's first thought was that because of her age, she could end up dying and leaving a young child to fend for itself.

"My biggest fear was would I have a healthy child and would I be around long enough for my child to feel independent and feel safe," Anthea told the SBS TV special on older parents.

"We were advised by both our GP and our obstetrician to terminate the pregnancy."

"We had to give it some serious consideration, but Pete was stronger than I was and felt really blessed."

Anthea's son Nicholas was eventually born healthy at 34 weeks into her pregnancy, weighing 2.6kg.

Nicholas is now 5 and his arrival back in 2011 made his proud mum the oldest woman in Australia to naturally conceive and deliver a healthy baby. And despite her initial fears, Anthea now says she is lucky to have such a healthy boy in her life.

"Now I look at Nick and he’s such a gorgeous, healthy boy. It’s so nice. Can he chuck a tantrum in Coles? Of course. But he’s a very sweet kid," she told news.com.au.

We think this a brilliant story - and surely one that despite those 7 million to 1 odds will give hope to other older women who are still hoping the stork might pay them a visit? What do you think?

Pics: Anthea Nicholas/Facebook

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