Mums’ brilliant and bizarre baby keepsakes

UK mums reveal the traditional, weird and wonderful keepsakes that they save


All new mums understand the importance of their new baby’s first milestones and lots keep mementos of these events. According to a new survey it seems that mums are storing increasingly more unusual items as keepsakes.


Teeth, umbilical cord stumps, positive pregnancy tests and nail clippings were among the items that mums admitted to keeping, according to a survey, of 500 UK mums, conducted on behalf of 

The survey claims that most of the mums questioned had kept more than one item as a keepsake. The majority, 96%, said they don’t intend to throw the items they’ve kept away and would cherish them forever. The remaining mums said they’d be able to part with the keepsakes, but only when their children had  grown up, left home and had their own families. 

First booties or mittens were the most common items to keep, with 56% of mums questioned saying they’d held onto these. 

Many of the mums questioned owned up to keeping more unusual items. Of the mums surveyed, 32% said they kept the umbilical cord or clip, 28% said they kept teeth, and 9% said they kept stained bibs. Some mums even admitted keeping their baby’s first dirty nappy, although this was less than 1% of the women questioned. 

From the usual items to the slightly more bizarre, we’d love to know what items you’ve held onto as keepsakes!


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