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Mum's horror as train leaves station with her baby still on it

This has got to be every parent's worst nightmare

Anyone who has taken their baby on public transport will have had that awful moment of terror when you think the doors are going to close on one of you, just as you've let go of the buggy or their hand for a micro-second.


Well that nightmare sitch was actually the reality for mum Jasmin Stewart, when her 22-month-old daughter Mia ended up alone on a train when they became separated and the train departed.

Jasmin and her partner had taken Mia for a day out at a zoo in Shepreth, Hertfordshire, from their home in Cambridge, and she was holding Mia's hand as they attempted to get off the train.

Speaking to the Cambridge News, Jasmin explained how the terrifying events unfolded:

"The train arrived at our stop and my partner got off, with my daughter's buggy as she had been sitting with us.

"I then started to walk off holding my daughter's hand. We were near the door and were fast to move. As I stepped off, my daughter also went to and the doors started to close," she said.

"My partner started to press the button on the door but it kept closing. It was about to shut on my arm so I let go of my daughter's hand as the thought of trying to pull her through and her getting caught wasn't going to happen."

Jasmin went on to explain how the train then started to move out of the station, and in her desperation to make it stop, she ran along side it, banging on the doors, but within a few seconds it was out of sight.

The poor mum said was was in a "blind panic" and" 'in complete bits" - made worse by the fact the station she and her partner were in was un-manned and they were unable to summon immediate help.

Fortunately, there was an emergency phone on the platform, and the couple were able to call the rail company who contacted the driver of the train.

Little Mia, meanwhile, was being cared for on-board by train staff after other passengers realised what had happened and alerted the guard. The effects of her unscheduled journey have had an impact on her though.

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"My daughter was distressed by the incident and, for a good few days after, was extremely clingy and kept asking where mummy or daddy was going even, if just popping to the loo, which is very out of character for her," Jasmin told the Cambridge News.

"We had been really excited about having lots of adventures and days out by train, which I now am having to reconsider as I have no trust in the service whatsoever."

Great Northern, which runs the rail service that the incident happened on, said that while it was a very upsetting event for Jasmin and Mia, it was a very rare occurrence, and that proper procedure had been followed.

That POOR mum! Can you imagine how she must have been feeling as the train took off? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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