Mum’s post sums up trying to move house when you’ve got kids

Yep, what happened to this estate agent during a house valuation sounds about right...


Moving house when you’ve got little ones in tow can be a tricky business.


Not least because, well, you’ve got to make your house seem liveable to potential buyers who – weirdly – might not enjoy the ambience of -errr – ‘kiddy’ type smells, sticky doorknobs and toys scattered across the carpet.

But there’s also all the other stuff that comes before you even get to the selling bit – like having someone from the estate agents come round to view your property.

Mum Lorna Hayward was right there just a few days ago.

The blogger wrote on Facebook that she warned her estate agent about coming over in the late afternoon, as her 2 daughters were set to be running around.

Regardless, he valiantly showed up for the valuation… and she needn’t have worried, as he turned out to be VERY popular.

Here’s what happened:

“This is Dan. He just valued our flat,” Lorna explained on Facebook.

“I had warned him that arriving in my only available slot of the day at 5pm was risky.

“Nevertheless he rocked up.

“In the last hour Dan (who is a complete stranger) has had both my daughters request cuddles, can he hold their hands, if he would watch peppa with them, does he like cheese, if he was staying the night ?

“And the finale – Elsie walking out of the toilet announcing she had just done “her biggest poo yet – it was a bit spikey though, so please can you wipe my bum”.

“Poor Dan. Poor poor Dan. Gonna just pour meself a pint of wine.”


Firstly, it looks like Dan handled the sitch like a trooper ?

And secondly, it’s always strangers who end up hearing the delightful poo stories, isn’t it? ?

Thirdly, well… we’ve been there ?

Images: Facebook/Lorna Hayward

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