Mums spend more money on their school gate outfit than their children’s uniform!

According to a survey, three quarters of school run mums never wear the same outfit twice as the back to school rivalry heats up


With the back to school period about to kick off in a matter of days, mums around the country have been busy prepping outfits, booking haircuts and shining shoes…. for themselves, that is!


According to a recent survery by Sainsbury’s, two thirds of mums will spend more money and time on their own appearances than they do on their children’s school uniforms and neccessities.

One in six will have had a new hairdo and will have bought a brand new outfit for the big day back at the school gates. The survey found that one in five will have splashed out up to £50 for a new hairdo and treated themselves to £60 worth of new clothes.

And it’s not just pampering and shopping that parents will have invested more in – they will also take up to 25 minutes getting ready for the first day of term, in comparison to 18 minutes on their children’s appearance.

However, it’s not just vanity driving parents to go all out on their school gate appearance, as seven in ten of the 2,000 people polled admitted that they felt nervous about how other mums see them.

“Mums feel the need to impress at the school gate, so much so they spend more time and money on themselves than their children!” a spokesperson from Sainsbury’s said. “People are often quick to judge and it seems looking their best is something else they want to perfect for the first day of school.”

It’s not just normal mums who feel the pressure to look their best on the school run – model mum Elle MacPherson is regularly seen sporting head-to-toe designer looks at the gates, plus these other celeb school run mums are always seen looking picture perfect!

Have you bought a new wardrobe for the back to school period?

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